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Unleash Your Sweet Tooth with Thai Chocolate Cuisine

Unleash Your Sweet Tooth with Thai Chocolate Cuisine

Are you a chocolate lover looking to try something new? Thai chocolate cuisine presents a unique fusion of chocolate with Thai flavors, spices, and ingredients. From decadent chocolate desserts to spicy chocolate drinks, Thai cuisine has something to offer for every chocolate enthusiast.

Thai Chocolate History

Chocolate arrived in Thailand during the colonial era when European traders arrived with cocoa beans. Over the years, the Thais developed their unique twist on chocolate by combining it with local ingredients such as lemongrass, coconut, and chili. Thai chocolate became an alternative to the western-style chocolate, and now it is an essential part of Thai cuisine.

Chocolate Desserts in Thai Cuisine

In Thai cuisine, desserts are often sweetened with palm sugar, and chocolate is no exception. Here are some of the most popular chocolate desserts in Thai cuisine:

Chocolate Sticky Rice

Sticky rice is a staple ingredient in Thai cuisine, and it makes a perfect match with chocolate. To make this dessert, glutinous rice is cooked in coconut milk, and then chocolate is added to give it a deep, rich flavor.

Chocolate Custard

Also known as ‘sangkaya,’ chocolate custard is a popular Thai dessert. It’s a perfect balance of creamy egg custard and rich chocolate flavor. The custard is made by blending coconut milk, eggs, sugar, and melted chocolate.

Chocolate Spring Rolls

While spring rolls are typically associated with savory fillings, Thai chocolate cuisine puts a sweet twist on this dish. Chocolate spring rolls are a dessert made by stuffing spring roll wrappers with melted chocolate and then deep-frying them until crispy.

Thai Chocolate Drinks

Thai cuisine also offers a variety of chocolate drinks. The use of local ingredients such as lemongrass and chili makes these drinks unique and flavorful.

Thai Chocolate Milkshake

A classic chocolate milkshake with a Thai twist! To make this drink, blend chocolate ice cream, milk, and some Thai spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Thai Chocolate Iced Tea

Iced tea is a popular drink in Thailand, and adding chocolate to it makes it more indulgent. The chocolate iced tea is made by brewing tea and adding chocolate sauce, sugar, and some cream.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Is Thai chocolate healthy?

While chocolate has numerous health benefits, the addition of sugar and other ingredients in Thai chocolate cuisine may increase the calorie count. However, if you enjoy it in moderation, it can be a satisfying treat.

Q2) What is the best type of chocolate to use in Thai cuisine?

For Thai chocolate cuisine, it’s best to use dark chocolate with 65-75% cocoa. The higher cocoa content is rich in flavor and pairs well with Thai spices and flavors.

Q3) How do I store Thai chocolate desserts?

Thai chocolate desserts should be kept refrigerated until serving. This maintains their texture and flavor.

Q4) Can I make Thai chocolate cuisine at home?

Yes! Thai chocolate cuisine is simple and easy to make at home with readily available ingredients. There’s no need to travel to Thailand to taste these flavors.

Q5) How do I balance the sweet and spicy flavors in Thai chocolate cuisine?

Thai chocolate cuisine is all about the balance of flavors. To balance the sweetness, Thai cuisine uses chili, ginger, and garlic. The combination of sweet and spicy flavors results in a unique and satisfying taste.

Q6) What is the origin of Thai cuisine?

Thai cuisine has its roots in Chinese cuisine and Indian cuisine. Over the years, Thai cuisine has developed its unique identity, combining its influences with local ingredients and flavors.

Q7) How can I incorporate Thai chocolate cuisine into my diet?

You can add Thai chocolate cuisine to your diet by trying out recipes at home, visiting Thai restaurants, or ordering Thai chocolates online.


Thai chocolate cuisine is a heavenly combination of rich chocolate and bold Thai flavors. From chocolate sticky rice to chocolate spring rolls, every dish offers a unique and indulgent experience. So, unleash your sweet tooth and explore the world of Thai chocolate cuisine today!



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