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Spice up Your Grill with Thai Barbecue Recipes

Spice up Your Grill with Thai Barbecue Recipes

Grilling is a fun activity. The smells and sizzling sounds make it a great way to bond with family and friends. Barbecue is also a healthier way to prepare your food. If you’re looking to try something different, Thai barbecue recipes are worth a shot. Thai cuisine has a unique flavor profile that will definitely add some spice and flair to your grilled dishes. Here are some of our favorite Thai barbecue recipes.

H1 – Thai Grilled Chicken Skewers

Grilled chicken skewers are always a crowd favorite, but you can make them even better with some Thai spices. Thai grilled chicken skewers are easy to make and taste amazing. This recipe requires boneless chicken breasts or thighs, coconut milk, red curry paste, fish sauce, brown sugar, salt, and pepper. You can also add some green onions and red bell pepper into the skewers.

H2 – Thai Grilled Pork Belly

Pork belly is a great cut for grilling. It can be crispy yet juicy with the right seasoning. Thai grilled pork belly is a flavorful recipe that combines the sweetness of honey, the spiciness of chili flakes, the sourness of lime juice, and the savoriness of fish sauce. You’ll need pork belly strips, garlic, cilantro, and scallions for the marinade. Grill the pork belly until they’re caramelized and serve with jasmine rice.

H2 – Grilled Thai Shrimp Skewers

Shrimp skewers are perfect for a quick and easy summer barbecue meal. You can spice them up by using some Thai flavors. Grilled Thai shrimp skewers are marinated in a mixture of Thai red curry paste, coconut milk, lime juice, brown sugar, and fish sauce. Thread the shrimp onto skewers and grill until cooked through. Serve with some lime wedges and chopped cilantro.

H2- Thai Grilled Beef Salad

If you want a light and refreshing salad, Thai grilled beef salad is a great option. This salad is packed with flavors such as lemongrass, lime juice, garlic, and fish sauce. Grill some lean beef and slice it into thin strips. Mix the beef with some chopped cucumbers, red onion, and cherry tomatoes. Toss with the dressing and serve with some fresh lettuce leaves.

H2- Grilled Thai Fish

Fish is a healthy option for a summer barbecue. Thai grilled fish is a popular dish that can be cooked over charcoal or gas grill. The fish is marinated in a fragrant mixture of coconut milk, red curry paste, lime juice, and fish sauce. You can use any fish that you like, but snapper or sea bass are recommended. Serve with some jasmine rice and steamed vegetables.

H3- Grilled Thai Tofu Skewers

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you can still enjoy Thai barbecue dishes. Grilled Thai tofu skewers are packed with protein and flavor. Marinate the tofu with a mixture of soy sauce, coriander, garlic, and brown sugar. Thread the tofu onto skewers and grill until lightly charred. Serve with some peanut sauce and chopped scallions.

H3- Thai Grilled Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is always a favorite summer barbecue side dish. Thai grilled corn on the cob is a unique twist on this classic dish. Brush the corn with a mixture of coconut milk, lime juice, and red curry paste. Grill until the corn is slightly charred and cooked. Serve with some lime wedges and chopped cilantro.


  1. What is Thai barbecue?
    Thai barbecue is a type of barbecue that utilizes Thai spices and flavors to enhance the taste of grilled dishes. It’s a fusion of Thai cuisine and grilling methods.

  2. Can I use any type of meat for Thai barbecue?
    Yes, you can use any type of meat for Thai barbecue ranging from chicken, pork, beef, and shrimp.

  3. What are some common Thai spices and ingredients?
    Some common Thai spices and ingredients include lime juice, garlic, fish sauce, chili flakes, coriander, lemongrass, and coconut milk.

  4. Can I make Thai barbecue sauce at home?
    Yes, you can make Thai barbecue sauce at home using a combination of Thai spices and ingredients. There are various recipes available online.

  5. Can I grill vegetables using Thai spices?
    Yes, you can grill vegetables using Thai spices to enhance the flavor profile.

  6. Are Thai barbecue recipes healthy?
    Thai barbecue recipes can be healthy if you use lean meats and fresh ingredients. The use of herbs and spices also makes the dishes flavorful without adding extra calories.

  7. How can I balance the spiciness in Thai barbecue recipes?
    You can balance the spiciness in Thai barbecue recipes by using coconut milk, lime juice, and brown sugar to give the dishes a sweet yet spicy flavor.


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Thai barbecue recipes are an amazing way to add some spice and unique flavors to your summer barbecue. These recipes are easy to make and packed with fragrant herbs and spices that will take your taste buds on a trip to Thailand. From grilled chicken skewers to corn on the cob, these dishes are perfect for a backyard barbecue with family and friends. Try these recipes and impress your guests with your culinary skills.



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