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Satisfy Your Taste Buds with Thai Tapas

Satisfy Your Taste Buds with Thai Tapas


If you’re looking for a unique culinary experience, then Thai tapas should be on top of your list. These small dishes pack a big punch in flavor and are perfect for sharing with friends or family. Thai cuisine offers a perfect mix of spicy, sweet, and sour flavors that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

History of Thai Tapas

Tapas originated in Spain, but the concept of serving small dishes is common in many cultures around the world. In Thailand, small plates of food are known as “khanom khrok.” These dishes are usually served as snacks or appetizers and are common in street food markets.

Popular Thai Tapas Dishes

  1. Tom Yum Goong – A spicy and sour soup with shrimp, lemongrass, lime juice, and chili peppers.
  2. Som Tam – A spicy papaya salad with peanuts, tomatoes, and fish sauce.
  3. Satay – Grilled skewers of marinated meat (usually chicken, pork, or beef) served with peanut sauce.
  4. Larb Gai – A spicy chicken salad with lime juice, fish sauce, and herbs.
  5. Pad Thai – Stir-fried noodles with bean sprouts, eggs, and peanuts.
  6. Khao Man Gai – Steamed chicken with rice served with a side of spicy sauce.
  7. Gai Hor Bai Toei – Marinated chicken wrapped in pandan leaves and fried.

How to Enjoy Thai Tapas

Start by ordering a few different dishes to share with your group. Thai tapas are meant to be enjoyed with family or friends so don’t hesitate to order a variety of dishes. Pair them with a cold beer or Thai iced tea for the perfect meal.

Where to Find Thai Tapas

Thai tapas are usually served at Thai restaurants or street food markets. Look for menus that offer small plates or ask your server for recommendations on what dishes to order.


Thai tapas are a must-try for anyone who loves bold and flavorful cuisine. From spicy soups to grilled skewers, there’s something for everyone. So grab some friends, order a few plates, and enjoy the taste of Thailand.


Q1. Are Thai tapas spicy?

Yes, Thai cuisine is known for being spicy. However, not all dishes are equally spicy so make sure to ask your server for recommendations if you can’t handle too much heat.

Q2. Is Thai tapas vegetarian-friendly?

Yes, there are many vegetarian-friendly options when it comes to Thai tapas. Som Tam (papaya salad), for example, can be made without shrimp or fish sauce.

Q3. Can I customize Thai tapas dishes?

Yes, many Thai restaurants allow you to customize your dishes to suit your tastes. Don’t hesitate to ask your server to make changes or substitutions.

Q4. Are Thai tapas expensive?

No, Thai tapas are usually quite affordable. Prices will vary depending on the restaurant or street food market, but you should be able to find plenty of options that won’t break the bank.

Q5. What drinks pair well with Thai tapas?

Beer and Thai iced tea are both great options for pairing with Thai tapas. If you prefer wine, a crisp white wine like Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc would work well too.

Q6. Can I get Thai tapas delivered?

Yes, many Thai restaurants offer delivery services. Check with your local restaurant to see if they deliver or if they’re available on food delivery apps like Uber Eats or Grubhub.

Q7. What should I try first if I’m new to Thai cuisine?

Pad Thai is a classic Thai dish that’s easy to love. It’s a perfect introduction to Thai flavors without being too spicy or unfamiliar.




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