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Kyudo: The Art of Japanese Archery in Thailand


Kyudo or the Way of the Bow is a type of traditional Japanese archery. It is not just about shooting arrows to hit targets but more about discipline and spiritual practice. Kyudo is now popular in many countries including Thailand. This article will explore Kyudo as an art and its popularity in Thailand.

What is Kyudo?

Kyudo means “the way of the bow” in Japanese. It is a traditional form of archery which emphasizes on the physical, moral, and spiritual development of the archer. Kyudo is not just about hitting targets but rather focuses on the shooter’s mental and physical state during the practice. The practice involves using a longbow, shooting arrows from a distance of 28 meters and above.

The History of Kyudo

Kyudo has its roots back in ancient Japanese history. In the past, Japanese bows were used for hunting and warfare. Over time the Japanese have developed an archery practice, which emphasizes on spirituality and discipline. The modern form of Kyudo that we see today was developed in the 20th century.

Kyudo in Thailand

Kyudo has developed steadily in Thailand in recent years. There are several Kyudo clubs and associations that have been established in the country. These clubs offer Kyudo training to anyone who wishes to learn the art. Kyudo competitions are also regularly held in Thailand.

Kyudo Training in Thailand

Kyudo training in Thailand is similar to other countries that practice the art. The first step is to learn the proper posture and how to use the bow. The training also emphasizes on elements such as breathing, concentration, and mental discipline. Kyudo training focuses on the archer’s state of mind and achieving Zen-like focus.

Benefits of Kyudo

Kyudo has many benefits for those who practice it. Practicing Kyudo helps to improve hand-eye coordination and physical strength. Moreover, it helps to improve mental discipline and focus. Some people even consider Kyudo to be a form of meditation.


What is the difference between Kyudo and Western archery?

Kyudo is different from Western archery in several ways. Firstly, Kyudo emphasizes not just physical technique but also mental discipline. Kyudo practitioners must achieve a Zen-like focus while shooting. Additionally, Kyudo is also performed using a longbow, whereas Western archery is typically done with a recurve bow.

Can anyone practice Kyudo?

Yes, anyone can practice Kyudo as long as they are physically able and willing to put the effort into learning.

Are there competitions for Kyudo in Thailand?

Yes, Kyudo competitions are regularly held in Thailand.

What benefits can one expect from practicing Kyudo?

Practicing Kyudo helps to improve hand-eye coordination, physical strength, and mental discipline. It can also be a form of meditation for some.

How long does it take to learn Kyudo?

Learning Kyudo takes time and effort. It can take several years to master the art.

Can Kyudo be practiced at home?

Kyudo requires some specific equipment, and it is recommended that beginners practice under the guidance of a Kyudo instructor.

Is Kyudo expensive to learn?

The cost of learning Kyudo will depend on the Kyudo club or association you join. However, it is generally not as expensive as some other martial arts or sports.


Kyudo is an art that emphasizes not just physical technique but also mental discipline. It has several benefits for those who practice it, such as improving hand-eye coordination, physical strength, and mental discipline. Kyudo has developed a growing following in Thailand, and Kyudo clubs and associations are available for those who wish to learn the art.



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