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Korean Drama Craze Sweeping Thailand

Korean Drama Craze Sweeping Thailand

If you are living in Thailand, you may have noticed an unusual trend in the entertainment industry. Korean Drama has become a buzzword, and Thai people are getting addicted to it. Korean dramas, or more commonly known as K-dramas, have captured the hearts of many Thai people due to their unique plotlines and production quality. In this article, we’ll discuss how K-dramas have made such an impact on Thai people and how the craze seems to only be getting stronger.


K-dramas are a type of television format that originated from South Korea. They have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and Thai people have started to take notice. The drama tells a story with a unique plotline that hooks audiences. The production quality is also exceptional, making it highly engaging.

History of K-Dramas in Thailand

Korean dramas first made their introduction in Thailand, and their popularity has only grown since then. Their popularity started in the early 2000s, where K-dramas were only airing on cable TV. The popularity established the drama industry and Koreans famous all over Asia.

Why are K-dramas so popular in Thailand?

Thai people show a keen interest in Korean dramas, to the point where people watch them repeatedly or watch an episode multiple times. The reasons why K-dramas are gaining traction are many, but some aspects that stand out include:

1. Unique plotlines that evoke emotions

K-dramas have a unique plotline that evokes various emotions from viewers. This emotional connection resonates with Thai people, and they are more willing to invest in the storyline emotionally.

2. Production Quality

K-dramas have a high production value compared to other dramas, including Thai dramas. High-quality video output, soundtracks, and one of a kind sets enable the audience to immerse themselves in the storyline.

3. Cultural similarities

Thailand and Korea share some cultural similarities, such as respect for family and patriotism. Thai people crave the social dynamics explored in the drama genre. Watching K-dramas is an educational overview of cultural nuances between Thai and Korean cultures and society.

4. Good-Looking Actors

It’s not a secret that Korean actors are highly attractive. Their looks, style, and mannerism can steal anyone’s heart. Thai Woman is known for their crush on Korean actors. Also, the characterization and script make you empathize with actors, thus enhancing the drama experience.

How have K-dramas impacted Thai people?

K-Dramas have had a significant impact on Thai people. The most noticeable change is in the viewers’ TV habits. Instead of watching local dramas and films, Thai people are shifting onto Korean TV drama. People are likely to get influenced by their favorite actors/singers and are following the current fashion trends, songs, and food from Korea to Thailand.

Challenges faced by Thai Drama

Korean dramas have swept the Thai market, which raised the question of whether the Korean drama will replace Thai drama. Thai authorities expressed concern that the Korean trend would damage local culture. It did seem that K-drama would be the only thing on Thai TV screens, but the Thai government took note of the situation, and they are trying to refine the quality of local entertainment.


To summarize, Korean Drama has swept Thailand, and many people are glued to their TV screens, watching each episode multiple times. It’s no surprise that K-Dramas are becoming increasingly popular, with their captivating plots and high-quality production, it’s hard not to be addicted to them. The influence of Korean Drama in Thailand is significant, and it’s interesting to see how it has influenced Thai culture. Although there are concerns, K-Dramas have brought many positives to Thailand.


Q1. Are K-dramas only popular in Thailand?
A. No, K-dramas are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, including countries in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Q2. Are K-dramas limited to romance stories?
A. No, Korean dramas come in many different genres such as comedy, action, and science fiction.

Q3. Are K-dramas broadcasted on Thai TV?
A. Yes, K-dramas are broadcasted on Thai TV, local channels, and international cable TV.

Q4. Why do Thai people watch K-dramas repeatedly?
A. Thai people feel an emotional connection with the plotlines and characters, making them invested in the story.

Q5. How have K-dramas influenced Thai culture?
A. People in Thailand are getting influenced by Korean f ashion, song and food after watching Korean dramas.

Q6. Will Thai dramas be replaced by K-dramas?
A. It is highly unlikely. However, the quality of Thai dramas must improve to remain competitive.

Q7. What should we do to prevent the destructive impact of K-dramas?
A. The government should focus on promoting local entertainment while encouraging drama producers to create high-quality Thai dramas.




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