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Exploring the Best of Thai Dim Sum Cuisine

Exploring the Best of Thai Dim Sum Cuisine: A Delicious Journey

Are you a foodie looking for a new culinary experience? Then grab your chopsticks and join us on an adventure through the flavors of Thai dim sum cuisine. From steaming baskets of dumplings to savory seafood bites, Thai dim sum is a delicious way to explore the rich culture and traditions of this Southeast Asian country.

What is Thai Dim Sum?

Dim sum originated in China, but it has been adapted and infused with local Thai flavors to create a unique and delightful cuisine. It typically consists of small portions of food served in steamer baskets or on plates, making it perfect for sharing with friends and family. Most Thai dim sum is served at brunch or lunchtime and pairs well with a cup of hot tea.

Types of Thai Dim Sum

There are many types of Thai dim sum, and each one offers a different flavor profile and texture. Here are some of the most popular varieties:

1. Dumplings

Dumplings are a staple of Thai dim sum, and there are many different types of dumplings to choose from. Some of the most common varieties include shrimp, pork, and vegetable. Dumplings are typically made from wheat flour and filled with a savory mixture of ingredients. They are then boiled or steamed until they are cooked.

2. Spring Rolls

Thai spring rolls are similar to the Chinese version, but they are typically smaller and contain different ingredients. They are often stuffed with shrimp, chicken, or vegetables and are served crispy and hot.

3. Sticky Rice

Sticky rice is a famous Thai dish that is often served as a part of dim sum. It is usually steamed and served in small portions. Sticky rice is a popular accompaniment to many Thai dishes.

4. Shumai

Shumai is a type of dumpling that originates in China but has become popular in Thai dim sum cuisine. It is typically made from pork or shrimp and served with a soy sauce-based dipping sauce.

Where to Find the Best Thai Dim Sum

If you’re looking to explore the world of Thai dim sum, Bangkok is the place to go. There are many restaurants and street vendors that specialize in this type of cuisine. Some of the most popular places to enjoy Thai dim sum include:

1. Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is a popular Taiwanese restaurant chain that has expanded to Bangkok. They offer a wide variety of Chinese and Taiwanese dishes, including delicious dim sum.

2. Yao Restaurant

Yao Restaurant is a chic contemporary Chinese restaurant located in Bangkok’s trendy Thonglor neighborhood. Their dim sum is highly regarded and is made using the freshest ingredients.

3. Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan is a Michelin-starred dim sum restaurant that originated in Hong Kong. They now have locations all over the world, including one in Bangkok. Their dim sum is made fresh daily and is a must-try for any foodie.


Thai dim sum is a delicious and unique cuisine that is well worth exploring. From the delicate flavors of the dumplings to the crispy texture of the spring rolls, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So the next time you’re in Bangkok, be sure to visit one of these amazing restaurants and experience the best of Thai dim sum cuisine.


1. What is the best time to eat Thai dim sum?

Thai dim sum is typically served at brunch or lunchtime.

2. What is the difference between Chinese and Thai dim sum?

Thai dim sum has been infused with local Thai flavors, which gives it a unique flavor profile compared to Chinese dim sum.

3. What is the price range for Thai dim sum?

The price of Thai dim sum can vary depending on the restaurant, but it is generally affordable and can range from 100 – 500 THB per person.

4. Can I find vegetarian options in Thai dim sum?

Yes, many Thai dim sum restaurants offer vegetarian options such as vegetable dumplings or sticky rice with vegetables.

5. What is the best drink to pair with Thai dim sum?

Hot tea is the traditional drink to pair with dim sum, but many people also enjoy pairing it with beer or cocktails.

6. Can I order Thai dim sum online?

Some Thai dim sum restaurants offer delivery or online ordering for their dishes.

7. Is tipping expected at Thai dim sum restaurants?

Tipping is not expected in Thailand, but many people choose to leave a small tip as a gesture of appreciation for good service.


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