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สไตล์ Grunge ที่กำลังเด่นในวงการแฟชั่น

The Revival of Grunge Style in Fashion


Grunge fashion has been around since the 1990s, gaining popularity through bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden. But recently, we’ve seen a resurgence of this style on fashion runways and street style looks. This article aims to explore the history and elements of grunge fashion, and how it’s making a comeback.

The Origin of Grunge Style

Grunge fashion originated from the Pacific Northwest region of America in the mid-1980s. It was characterized by its anti-fashion, DIY ethos, and rejection of mainstream culture. The style was adopted by musicians in the grunge scene, like Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder, who often wore ripped jeans, flannels, and Doc Martens.

Elements of Grunge Style

Grunge fashion is all about being comfortable, snuggly, and a little bit edgy. Here are some of the key elements of grunge style:

Oversized Clothes

Oversized clothing is a staple of grunge fashion. Think of baggy flannels, oversized sweaters, and slouchy cardigans. This fashion trend is all about being cozy and comfortable, and oversized clothes certainly achieve that.

Distressed and Ripped Denim

Ripped jeans have always been associated with the grunge aesthetic. This style takes denim to the next level, with heavy distressing, holes and frayed edges. The rawness of this style adds to the subversive nature of grunge fashion.

Plaid and Flannels

Grunge fashion wouldn’t be complete without plaid and flannels. These classic patterns have a rugged aesthetic, perfect for the anti-establishment vibe of this fashion style. Flannel shirts can be styled in many ways – tied around the waist, worn open over a t-shirt, or fully buttoned up.

Combat Boots and Chunky Shoes

In grunge fashion, shoes are more functional than fashionable. Combat boots and chunky shoes are common in the grunge style, often in hues of black, brown, and gray. They are sturdy and practical, adding attitude to an outfit.

Grunge Fashion in Modern Times

In recent years, grunge fashion has made a comeback. Designers like Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang have incorporated grunge elements into their runway collections. Many celebrities, like Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne, have embraced the grunge style, making it more mainstream.

How to Incorporate Grunge Style into Your Wardrobe

Grunge fashion style is easy to achieve, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to step away from mainstream fashion. Here are some tips to incorporate grunge style into your wardrobe:


Layering is key to grunge style. Throw on a flannel shirt over a t-shirt, add an oversized denim jacket over a sweater, or wear a beanie with a hoodie. Layering adds dimension, texture, and warmth to your outfits.

Nailing Colors

Grunge fashion is all about muted tones – blacks, grays, browns, and greens. Avoid bold patterns and bright colors. Stick to neutral and earthy hues, which are more authentic to the grunge style.


Accessories can make or break an outfit. Add a choker or a studded belt to provide an edge to your look. Add a slouchy beanie or a fedora hat to finish off a grunge-inspired outfit.


Grunge fashion has come a long way since its origins in the 1990s. It’s no longer just for the anti-establishment crowd – it’s now a mainstream fashion trend. The key to embracing the grunge style is to be comfortable and confident. So put on that flannel shirt, throw on your ripped jeans, and embrace the effortless, laid-back style of grunge fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What type of shoes should I wear with a grunge outfit?

A: Combat boots, chunky shoes, or Doc Martens are perfect for achieving the grunge look.

Q2: Are oversized clothes necessary for grunge fashion?

A: Yes, oversized clothes are a staple of grunge fashion, although not required.

Q3: What type of jewelry should I wear with a grunge outfit?

A: Simple and edgy jewelry like chokers, hoop earrings, and studded bracelets can complete a grunge outfit.

Q4: Can I wear bright colors with a grunge outfit?

A: Grunge fashion tends to stick to earthy and neutral tones, but if worn strategically, a pop of color can work too.

Q5: Where can I find clothing items to achieve the grunge style?

A: Second-hand shops, thrift stores, and online vintage boutiques are perfect for finding unique items that fit the grunge style.

Q6: Can grunge fashion be professional?

A: It depends on the workplace, but grunge fashion is more casual and laid-back, making it better suited for creative industries.

Q7: Is grunge fashion only for women?

A: No, grunge fashion is for anyone who is looking for an edgy and unique fashion aesthetic.




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