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Exploring the Sweetest Chocolate Tours: An Adventure on the Chocolate Canal

Imagine a serene river boat ride with the gentle breeze blowing and the sun shining on your face. Your senses are awakened by the aroma of chocolate as you gently glide through chocolate-colored waters. Welcome aboard the Chocolate Canal Tour.

What is the Chocolate Canal Tour?

The Chocolate Canal Tour is a picturesque journey through the serene canal of Bangkok while sipping warm chocolate drinks made from the best quality chocolate.

The History of Chocolate Tours

Chocolate tours have become a popular form of entertainment and vacation around the world in recent years. Previously seen in Europe and North America, it is now also gaining attention in the tropical lands of Southeast Asia, hence the Chocolate Canal Tour in Thailand.

A Sweet Adventure Awaits

As you board the boat, the tour guide welcomes you with a warm smile and hands you a cup of hot chocolate to enjoy during the ride. The experience is enriched with on-board demonstrations, where you can witness the process of chocolate-making, from bean to bar, up close.

Chocolate Varieties

You will also have the opportunity to indulge in different flavors of chocolate, ranging from dark, milk, and white chocolate, infused with various exotic flavors, to suit your taste buds.

The Making of Chocolate

As part of the experience, you will learn about the history of chocolate and discover the different kinds of chocolate available. The guide will walk you through the “chocolate experience,” where you can see the chocolate-making process in a hands-on workshop.

Chocolate Souvenirs

Before disembarking, there is a chocolate shop where you can purchase various chocolate goodies, and souvenirs to take home to family and friends.

Safety Measures

During Covid-19, safety measures are adhered to strictly. The tour operator provides hand sanitizer, and face masks for all passengers. The tour is also available on private tours, with limited numbers of up to 30 passengers.


1. What is the duration of the tour?

The tour lasts for approximately one hour.

2. Is the tour kid-friendly?

Yes, the tour is kid-friendly, and the children can also enjoy the tour while sipping on some delicious chocolate milk.

3. Can vegetarians be accommodated?

Yes, there are vegetarian options available, and the tour guides are happy to assist in making suitable accommodations for vegetarians.

4. How do I make a reservation for the tour?

You can make reservations by contacting the tour operator directly through email or phone.

5. Is it possible to take photos during the tour?

Yes, taking photos is permitted, and the tour guides will happily assist in taking snapshots for you if needed.

6. What should I wear?

As the tour is conducted mostly outdoors, it is recommended to dress for comfort, and light-colored clothes are advisable.

7. Is there parking available for visitors?

Yes, there is free parking available.


The Chocolate Canal Tour is a beautifully unique experience, full of chocolate paradise. A treat for the whole family, adults and children alike, it is an unmissable activity for all chocolate lovers. Come and experience the serenity and delights of Bangkok’s Chocolate Canal Tour.



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