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ประเทศไทยกำลังเกิดความรักกับแฟชั่น Kawaii สไตล์ญี่ปุ่น

ประเทศไทยกำลังเกิดความรักกับแฟชั่น Kawaii สไตล์ญี่ปุ่น

Dressed in their eccentric outfits with cute cat ears and candy-colored hair, the Kawaii fashion trend slowly invades the streets of Thailand. The term Kawaii means cute in Japanese and is a subculture that emphasizes the love for everything that is adorable. From Hello Kitty to pastel color schemes, Kawaii style is all about playful, girly, and sweet aesthetics that often involve cartoon characters, glitter, and bows which has gained popularity among Thai youth.

The Origins of Kawaii Fashion

Wanting to break away from the rigidity of traditional fashion, Japan’s youth in the 70s began adapting a more carefree and playful style. This movement soon adopted the name Kawaii, and magazines began highlighting this new fashion trend. With the rise of anime and manga, particularly the famous Sailor Moon anime series in the 90s, the Kawaii subculture reignited in Japan and eventually spread globally, including in Thailand.

How Kawaii Fashion Became Popular in Thailand

Kawaii fashion’s popularity in Thailand may have started with the widespread interest in anime and manga. As anime became popular in Thailand, fans began assimilating Kawaii fashion as well, with many influenced by Japanese culture’s cute and playful aesthetic. This subculture quickly spread through the internet, social media platforms, and fashion blogs, which have helped connect the Kawaii enthusiast community in Thailand.

Where to Shop for Kawaii Fashion in Thailand

Kawaii fashion is not easily found in mainstream stores in Thailand, but there are several online shops and local markets in Bangkok that sell Kawaii-inspired clothing, accessories, and lifestyle items. These markets include the JJ Market and Union Mall, a popular shopping mall known for its free-spirited fashion style. Popular international Kawaii fashion brands also have branches in Thailand, such as Liz Lisa and Candy Kawaii Lover.

Tips on How to Dress Kawaii in Thailand

For those who want to experiment with Kawaii fashion style, it’s best to start with accessories. Shops in Bangkok sell a wide range of kawaii-themed accessories like cat-ear headbands, emoji backpacks, and heart-shaped sunnies. To keep it subtle, start by adding small items like a pastel-colored bag to match a chic summer outfit. For those who want to go all-out with the Kawaii style, it’s best to keep it simple and coordinate your outfits with pastel or vibrant colors, chunky shoes, tights, and frilly skirts.

Kawaii Fashion is for Everyone

Although Kawaii fashion is usually associated with girls, it’s important to note that the trend promotes an inclusive and genderless mindset. As the subculture grew and evolved, it attracted enthusiasts from all age ranges, genders, and social backgrounds. Kawaii fashion is all about playful and fun style, and anybody who enjoys it can participate in this subculture.

The Future of Kawaii Fashion in Thailand

As Kawaii fashion becomes increasingly popular in Thailand, it may represent a form of self-expression as well as a way for Thai youth to connect with the global community. It’s no surprise that Kawaii has taken root in Thailand, a country known for its colorful and vibrant culture. It’s a way for Thai people to embrace new and exciting styles, and keep up with fashion trends. Kawaii fashion is a statement of youth rebellion against norms and rigidity, a movement that shows the world that individuality and creativity are traits to admire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Kawaii Fashion?

Kawaii fashion is a subculture movement that prizes cute and playful aesthetics such as cartoon characters, pastel colors, glitter, and bows. It originated in Japan and has gradually gained popularity around the world.

2. Where can I buy Kawaii fashion in Thailand?

You can find Kawaii fashion locally in markets around Bangkok, such as JJ Market and Union Mall. Some international brands like Candy Kawaii Lover or Liz Lisa also have stores in Thailand.

3. Who can wear Kawaii fashion?

Kawaii fashion is for everybody and its inclusive and genderless mindset allows anyone to participate in this subculture.

4. What are some examples of Kawaii fashion?

Kawaii fashion can include Harajuku fashion, Lolita fashion, Decora fashion, and various other styles.

5. Why is Kawaii fashion popular in Thailand?

Kawaii fashion has grown in popularity in Thailand because of its vibrant and playful nature that resonates with the country’s colorful and youthful culture.

6. What is the future of Kawaii fashion in Thailand?

As the subculture evolves, Kawaii fashion is expected to become more mainstream in Thailand, given its popularity among Thai youths.

7. What is the importance of Kawaii fashion?

Kawaii fashion represents a form of self-expression, a way for people to showcase their creativity and individuality. It allows people to break away from the rigidity of traditional fashion styles.


Kawaii fashion has gradually taken Thailand by storm with its playful, fun, and girly aesthetic. It represents a global movement of youth rebellion against traditional fashion norms. This cute style has gradually earned its place in the hearts, not only of Japanese youths but of people worldwide. Kawaii fashion is for everyone who desires to wear their creativity and style on their sleeve and show the world that cute can be strong, artistic, and expressive. Its inclusivity and genderless appeal make it all the more appealing as a global subculture.



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