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Why is Pole Dance viewed as fancy and a healthy activity?


Pole Dance is being viewed as a glamourous, fancy and a healthy activity which has been trending among people all around the world. Pole Dance was started as an erotic dance in the 1920s in traveling fairs and circuses. It started as a part of amusement and entertainment but with time, it has evolved into an engaging activity that is now popular among both men and women for fitness purposes. In this article, we will discuss why Pole Dance is being viewed as fancy and a healthy activity.

The History and Origin of Pole Dance

Pole Dance was originated in the 1920s in traveling fairs and circuses. It started as an erotic dance and was performed by women for the amusement and entertainment of men. The pole was initially used as a prop for dancing that included rhythmic, acrobatic and erotic moves on stage.

Pole Dance as a Form of Art

In the modern era, Pole Dance has evolved into a creative art form, which includes acrobatic dance moves, strength training, gymnastics, and contortion. It involves the use of a vertical pole that is used for support, balance, and anchorage for a wide range of movement.

Pole Dance as a Fitness Activity

Pole Dance has become a popular fitness activity for both men and women as it provides a full-body workout, including cardio and strength training that helps to increase flexibility, endurance, and stamina. Pole Dance helps in toning and shaping the body, which makes it an effective fitness activity.

Pole Dance and Self-Confidence

Pole Dance also helps in boosting self-confidence and self-esteem. It allows people to express themselves creatively and explore their boundaries. It helps in building a sense of community and developing a supportive network of individuals who share similar interests and goals.

Pole Dance and Empowerment

Pole Dance is also viewed as an empowering activity that celebrates the strength and capabilities of the human body. It encourages people to embrace their bodies and feel confident in their skin.

Pole Dance and Mental Health

Apart from physical health benefits, Pole Dance also has extensive mental health benefits. It helps in boosting mood, reducing stress levels, improving focus, and enhancing cognitive function. Pole Dance is known to have a therapeutic effect that helps in dealing with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.


1. Is Pole Dance only for women?

No, Pole Dance is an activity for both men and women. It is a fitness activity that neither identifies gender nor has any age restrictions.

2. Is Pole Dance expensive?

The cost of Pole Dance can vary depending on the location and the type of pole dance classes. However, it is considered an affordable fitness activity for most of the people.

3. Do I need to have a certain body type or fitness level to practice Pole Dance?

No, Pole Dance is an inclusive activity and it is not necessary to have a particular body type or fitness level to practice it. People from all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes can participate in Pole Dance.

4. What should I wear to Pole Dance classes?

Most of the Pole Dance studios have specific requirements for the clothing and shoes for Pole Dance classes. Tight-fitting clothes are recommended as it provides grip on the pole and bare feet or special shoes are advised to wear.

5. Can Pole Dance cause injuries?

Like any other fitness activity, Pole Dance can cause injuries if proper precautions and safe practices are not followed. However, if it is done with proper guidance and supervision, it is a safe and fun activity.

6. Can Pole Dance be performed at home?

Yes, Pole Dance can be performed at home with the use of a portable pole. However, it is recommended to practice it with proper guidance and supervision to avoid any injuries.

7. Can Pole Dance be considered a professional career option?

Yes, Pole Dance can be considered a professional career option. It has evolved into an art form, and Pole Dance instructors and performers can earn a living wage from it.


Pole Dance is an activity that has evolved from an erotic dance to an empowering art form and fitness activity. It is gaining popularity all around the world because of its extensive physical and mental health benefits. Pole Dance provides an inclusive, fun and supportive community that encourages people to embrace their bodies and explore their capabilities.



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